Creative Marketing & Technology Group

Our process is simple, yet very different. We craft unique, one-of-a-kind marketing campaigns for each client, utilizing cutting-edge technology to stand apart from the crowd.

Every campaign rollout we build is unique to your specific audience.


A few of our favorite client partners:

Campaign Examples

Virtual Reality Experience for TV Series Outlander

Project: Our team traveled to South Africa to create a one-of-a-kind behind the scenes experience for the TV Series “Outlander”.

Why it mattered: Die-hard fans had been asking/wondering how the show was filmed on a ship and through a partnership with the Studio and the Products, we took viewers behind the scenes in a very unique way.

How our work made a difference: Hundreds of thousands of fans learned out about the upcoming series through free earned media (organic marketing).

Second Screen Experience for the LA Lakers

Project: Our team was asked to build a robust real-time back-end engine to power the Sportsnet/Lakers Second-Screen app

Why it mattered: The TWC/SportsNet team needed a highly efficient CMS system to power the second-screen app in real-time during gameplay

How our work made a difference: We built a custom backend CMS to power the second-screen app — driven entirely through the cloud for a seamless live/interactive experience. Our system provided flawless throughput for the duration of the LA Lakers broadcast season with thousands of active users accessing the application data in tandem.

Real-Time Digital Campaign for the LA Dodgers

Project: Our team was asked to develop HTML5 digital marketing material for the LA Dodgers — we stepped it up a notch by building a one-of-a-kind RealTime API to power Game Data right within the ad units.

Why it mattered: Audiences all across the region were able to see actual real-time game data right inside the advertising units — marketing material was transformed into a useful customer engagement tool.

How our work made a difference: Our digital advertising units were such a success, we were asked to build out derivative versions for OOH (Out-of-home) billboards and various IoT media outlets.

Print & Digital Campaign for PBS

Project: We were asked to build a unique online destination providing educators with curated content to teach K-12 students about the political process

Why it mattered: Our free website and printed material would supplement in-class learning for thousands of schools across the United States.

How our work made a difference: Our work resulted in a Revere award for Best News and Current Issues Supplemental Resource. (The REVERE “Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources” Awards recognize creative resources that engage 21st century teachers and learners.)

Virtual Reality Development for Facebook

Project: Pushing the boundaries of Cinematic VR

Why it mattered: We built the first Surround 360 camera invented by Facebook and made modifications for its use in the field.

How our work made a difference: Our project was showcased at the world-renown Facebook F8 and Oculus Connect conferences and furthered the development of Cinematic VR systems. Our VR production was also shown to millions of viewers around the globe.

Social Media & Digital Campaign for The Salvation Army

Project: With the rise of over-the-top programming a-la (Netflix, HBO Go etc). we were tasked by The Salvation Army to build a robust online portal to house film/television media to engage global audiences passionate about the core tenents of the organization.

Why it mattered: Our tool provided 126 member countries and their constituencies access to free cutting edge media for use in the field. Our system was also built for scale with a custom api, allowing The Salvation Army to access data using third party apps and tools.

How our work made a difference: Our work resulted in a Webby award for The Salvation Army in the Religion & Spirituality category – shedding free publicity to this Non-Profit organization.

Machine Learning Tool for Well Composed

Project: Machine Learning Powered App and Voice Platform

Why it matters: Well Composed is a personal improvement platform that provides access to the world’s foremost health and wellness expertise. They help people assess their total well-being across nine major categories and provide personalized content to meet their individualized needs. Our job was to build the entire working engine from start to finish.

How our work made a difference: Participants from across the globe gained access to free cutting edge mental health tools for the first time.

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